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Welcome to:

Rapid  Valley  Baptist  Church !!!

( Eastern portion of:  Rapid City, South Dakota )

    On our website you will find information concerning our church and its ministries.  We hope you find your time spent here a real blessing.  Our church is a warm and loving church, and we want you to feel comfortable while here with us.  

    Furthermore, we pray that during the time you are here with us that  you will also feel the presence of God's Holy Spirit.  If at any time there is some need that you have that maybe we can help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We will do the best we can, with God's Help, to provide help to you.  Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website, and learn about our fellowship and the many things we have to offer here at Rapid Valley Baptist Church.

     We are very, very excited about two special events that will be taking place here at our church during the  second week of June.  

     Our church is scheduled to conduct  Vacation Bible School (VBS)  during the week of  June 12-16  (6:00 - 8:00 P.M.)  for all children of our area from Pre-K through 6th Grades  (ages 4 - 12).  The first 4 nights will be nights for children, including  Bible Study,  Missions,  Crafts,  Music,  etc.,  and  certainly refreshments and fellowship.  Then the last night,  Friday night,  will be  Parent's Night  where all parents are invited and encouraged to come with their children and see what has been done during the previous nights.  We want everyone to help us spread the word about this marvelous set of events,  and  we certainly welcome and encourage all children in these ages to come be with us at our church for a time filled with excitement and learning about Jesus.

     Then on the next night after  VBS  has ended,  on Saturday, June 17th  (7:00 P.M.),  our church will have the honor of hosting the  No. 1 Bluegrass Group in the entire United States  right now.  This group is known as the  Farm Hands Quartet,  and  they come to us out of Nashville, TN.  Our church will be the only place in the entire  Black Hills of South Dakota  where these guys will be performing this year, and we do feel blessed to have had the chance to host them.  They are a dedicated group of Christians who are not only extremely talented as musicians, song writers, and instrumentalists, but they also put on a very interest and joyful performance which is good for folks of all age levels.  You can go to their website to find out much more about these guys.  Their website address is as follows:  So please make plans now to come be with us that evening,  and  please tell your friends, family members, etc., about this event so they can come be a part of this event, also.

    Thank You,  Jesus,  for allowing us as one of  Your Churches  to be able to have these events planned,  and  please guide and direct in all that is said and done so that  You  will receive all the honor, glory and praise for everything that is accomplished.  We Love You so very much.   Thank You, Jesus.

    Some folks have said that they have trouble find the times of our services each week,  so I decided to put that informaton right here on the  Welcome Page.  Here they are:


      Sunday School (for all ages) - 9:45-10:45 A.M.

      Free Donuts, Coffee & Chocolate Milk (for children) 

           for Everyone Desiring Such -- 10:40-10:55 A.M.

      Morning Worship Service -- 11:00 - 12:00 A.M.

      Evening Worship Service -- 6:00 - 7:00 P.M.


      Free Dinner for Everyone -- 6:00 - 6:45 P.M.

      Youth Bible Study -- 6:45 - 7:30 P.M.

      Prayer Meeting & Bible Study -- 7:00 - 8:00 P.M.

      GOD is so GREAT !!!   He continues to bless the work here at  Rapid Valley Baptist Church  (RVBC)  just as He has done in previous years.  We are filled with excitement as to all that God will choose to do here.  He certainly did allow us to finish the past year and go through much of the current year with great joy with several folks accepting Jesus as Saviour, and others uniting with us by transfer of church letter, etc.

   Now that we are well into 2017,  God is continuing to guide and bless His Work here at Rapid Valley Baptist Church !!!  God is still very real to all of us,  and His Presence in the person of the Holy Spirit is very evident in all of our services.

   It is our prayer that each and every one of us can truly seek God's Will for our lives.  And then once God has revealed this to us,  that we can really, really try hard with His Help to begin to accomplish ALL of the things that He has for us to do for Him in the days to come.

   As I have already stressed to many of you in certain ser-vices, the Lord has made it even more clear to me than ever before that  "we really do have a tremendous responsibility to share the Lord and Salvation  through Jesus"  with everyone we come in contact with.  And now that we are well into this year,  it is extremely evident that the Lord appears to be approving of what we are doing here since just during the past couple of months we have seen about 10 folks come forward expressing their desire to join with us and serve the Lord here.  Yes, God certainly is GREAT !  

    And He has demonstrated over and over that He will use us and bless us  IF  we who are  "called by His Name"  are willing to  "humble themselves,  seek His face,  and  turn from their wicked ways."   So that is our continuing responsibility, and hopefully more and more of our members will accept this challenge from God and will live accordingly.

   Please make plans to be with us for "every" service each week (unless you are prevented from doing so by illness, accident, etc.)   We express thanks to the many, many different ones of you who do this consistently throughout the year.  But there is still room for  YOU  if you are not one of these.  And for the much larger group who regularly attends the  Sunday Morning Worship Services,  please continue coming, and invite someone else to come with you.  It is so great for me to get up to deliver  God's Message to His People  and see so many folks there for the sole purpose of  Worshipping Almighty God !!!   So we will be expecting to see  YOU  in at least 2,  if not all 3 of the services,  during the next week and the weeks to follow.  God  will help you do this  IF you will only ask  Him  to do so.  And you will learn more and more from  God's Word,   plus you really will enjoy having wonderful  Christian fellowship  with other  Believers!!!  

   And before I forget to mention this next thing, let me do it right now --- We certainly thank God that He has seen fit to lead so many folks recently to come and unite with His Church here in the Rapid Valley area.  We have had several additions in the past few months, and we expect that others who now have worshipped with us regularly for some time will join with us soon.  This is NOT happening because of anything that  "any of us humans are doing",  but it is all because of what Jesus has done for us in the past and is still doing for us in present and future.  "Thank you,  Jesus",  and  we want to once again say,  "Welcome"  to each of you who have joined with our congregation,  especially those several who have come forward to  "accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord !!!"   Praise God for each of these decisions!!!

     Whether you already live in this area  OR  you are considering relocating to this areawe would love to have  YOU  come be our  "guest"  for  Sunday School,  for  Worship Services,  and  for all the other activities we have here at  God's House.  Regardless of whether or NOT you have worshipped with us before,  if you are seeking a  "Church Home",   we ask that you seriously consider this church.  We are so thankful how  God  is really blessing  His work  here,  and how that we are growing in numbers,  as well as in wisdom and understanding.  So if you join with us here, then you can be a part of this growth.  May  God  bless each of you,  and may  He  guide you as you make decisions.  Again,  WELCOME!!!

     When you visit our church,  you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will gladly welcome you;
  • Preaching / teaching that is centered on the Word of God;
  • Ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age;
  • A corporate outlet for truth-filled and moving praise and worship;

"Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow..."

     We here at  Rapid Valley Baptist Church  are so thrilled to be a part of the  Lord's Work  here in the  Rapid City area.  And  He  really has been blessing the efforts, that is for sure.  Before we even begin to list things that  He   has done, let us make sure to say that  "for each and every thing that is done,   ALL  honor,   glory,  and  priase goes to  God, Himself."   We are just servants of  His,  but we are continually trying to seek and follow  His Will  for our lives and for our church.  Therefore, it is for that reason only, yet with great joy, that we state the following facts.

     There have been many, many folks who hear  God's Word  expounded upon in Sunday School and Worship Service, and as a result they have learned many important things  God w ants them to learn. Often they they have told us about their renewed commitment to  God and His Work  here in this area.

     For each of these who have made a decision for the  Lord,  we pray the richest blessings upon them, and we are so thrilled to have them working with us!!!   Again, may  God's Name  be praised for all that  He  is doing in our midst!!!

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