May 2016   
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Welcome to:

Rapid  Valley  Baptist  Church !!!

( Eastern portion of:  Rapid City, South Dakota )

     On our website you will find information concerning our church and its ministries.  We hope you find your time spent here a real blessing.  Our church is a warm and loving church, and we want you to feel comfortable while here with us.  Furthermore, we pray that during the time you are here with us that  you will also feel the presence of God's Holy Spirit.  If at any time there is some need that you have that maybe we can help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.   We will do the best we can, with God's Help, to provide help to you.  Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website, and learn about our fellowship and the many things we have to offer here at Rapid Valley Baptist Church.

      GOD is so GREAT!!!  He continues to bless the work here at  Rapid Valley Baptist Church (RVBC)  just as  HE  has done in previous years.  We are filled with excitement as to all that God will choose to do here.  HE certainly did allow us to finish the past year and go through much of the current year with great joy with several folks accepting  Jesus as Saviour,  and others uniting with us by transfer of church letter, etc.

From Your Pastor's Desk

   Now that we have  "begun  2016",  God  is continuing to guide and bless His Work here at Rapid Valley Baptist Church!!!   God is still very real to all of us,  and  HIs Presence  in the form of the  Holy Spirit  is very evident in all of our services.

   It is our prayer that each and every one of us can truly seek God's Will for our lives.  And then once God has revealed this to us that we can really, really try hard with His Help to begin to accomplish ALL of the things that He has for us to do for Him in the days to come.

   As I have already stressed to many of you in certain services,  the Lord has made it even more plain than before that to me that  "we have a tremendous responsibility to share the Lord and Salvation of Jesus"  with everyone we come in contact with.  So I feel that God has directed me to present a messaged entitled  "Walking With God Through The New Year"  as the very message of the New Year.  No doubt this will be followed by many other messages which will also deal with us reaching out to those around us.

   Please make plans to be with us for "every" service each week (unless you are prevented from doing so by illness, accident, etc.)   We express thanks to the many, many ones of you who do this consistently throughout the year.  But there is still room for  YOU  if you are not one of these.  And for the much larger group who regularly attends the Sunday Morning Worship Services, please continue coming, and invite someone else to come with you.  It is so great for me to get up to deliver God's Message to His People and see so many folks there for the sole purpose of worshipping Almighty God!!!   So we will be expecting to see you in at least 2,  if not all 3 of the services,  next week and the weeks to follow.  God will help you do this IF you will only ask Him to do so.  And you will learn more and more from God's Word!!!

   We love you so very much.  Your pastor and wife,  O. C. & Rhoda

Welcome, continued...

     Whether you already live in this area  OR  you are considering relocating to this area, we would love to have you come be our "guest"  for  Sunday School,  for  Worship Services,  and  for all the other activities we have here at God's House...   Regardless of whether or not you have worshipped with us before, if you are seeking a  "Church Home", we definitely ask that you seriously consider this church.  We are so thankful how God is really blessing His work here, and how that we are growing in numbers, as well as in wisdom and understanding.  So if you join with us here, then you can be a part of this growth.  May God bless each of you, and may He guide you as you make decisions.  Again, WELCOME!!!

     When you visit our church, you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will gladly welcome you;
  • Preaching / teaching that is centered on the Word of God;
  • Ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age;
  • A corporate outlet for truth-filled and moving praise and worship;

"Praise God from whom 'All Blessings Flow..."

     We here at Rapid Valley Baptist Church are so thrilled to be a part of the Lord's Work here in the Rapid City area.  And He really has been blessing the efforts, that is for sure.  Before we even begin to list things that He has done, let us make sure to say that "for each and every thing that is done, ALL honor, glory and priase goes to God, Himself."   We are just servants of His, but we are continually trying to seek and follow His Will for our lives and for our church.  Therefore, it is for that reason only, yet with great joy, that we state the following facts.

     As pastor, I,  Bro. O. C. Summers,  am constantly striving to let the Holy Spirit guide me each step of the way, as I prepare messages and devotionals, as I visit with folks in the area, and as I send out copies of the different messages to folks in places such as Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Alaska, and even up to Yellowknife, Canada.

     Some time ago, we in our church instituted the "Deacons Ministry Plan" in which the different members and visitors to our church are divided up into 5 groups, one for each of our 4 wonderful deacons, and 1 for me, as well.  And this has worked marvelously!  Not only is each person on that list contacted by someone regularly, but each family knows that IF they have a need, they certainly can contact me, their pastor, but they know there is someone else that they can contact for guidance, etc., that being "their Deacon."  We have received many thanks from members for us beginning to use this "Plan."

     I feel that I must also say a word of "Thanks" to the four great Christian men who are serving the Lord in the capacity of Deacon here at Rapid Valley Baptist Church.  These four are as follows:  Bro. Curt Christensen, our Chairman of Deacons;  Bro. John Malone;  Bro. Dave Utter;  and  Bro. Charlie FullerThese  men  are  EXCEPTIONAL!!!  During the time I have had the privilege of being here at RVBC, the deacons and I have agreed 100% on everything that we have needed to do.  And not only are they very cooperative and anxious to serve as a Deacon should, but they each are great "men of God", very knowledgeable with God's Word, always seeking ways they can reach out to others in the congregation and community, and seldom ever is there a worship service held but what each and every one of them are in attendance.  I thank God often for these men, and pray God's continued blessings on each of them.  They are what "church leaders" are supposed to be!   And I can't say enough about our  "Worship Team Leaders"  who direct us each Sunday Morning through our Musical part of the Service.  Ms. Lynn Fuerst, Ms. Kay Williams, and my love wife Rhoda do an excellent job always.  And we certainly thank others who volunteer to deliver special musical numbers from time to time.  Well, I had better stop singling out folks since we have "so many dedicated folks" who help out with  Teaching Sunday School  on Sunday Mornings  and  Conducting  Youth & Children classes  on Wed. evenings,  delivering Children's Messages  during each Morning Service,  conducting  Children's Church  each Sunday Morning while the rest of us are having our  Regular Service upstairs in the auditorium, those on the Hostess Committee,  Flower Committee,  Prayer Chain folks,  and the list goes on and on.  Thank you guys!!!   May God bless you richly.

     There have been many, many folks who after hearing God's Word expounded upon in Sunday School, Children's Worship Service or Adult Worship Service have learned many important things God wanted them to learn, and they have told us about their renewed commitment to God and His Work here in this area.

     For each of these who have made a decision for the Lord, we pray the richest blessings upon them, and we are so thrilled to have them working with us!!!   Again, may God's Name be praised for all that He is doing in our midst!!!

More Information about Activities

     Here at Rapid Valley Baptist Church we have several different activities each week that may be of interest to you and your family.  So we decided to give you a bit more information about at least some of these activities.

     Each Sunday morning from 9:30 to about 10:30 we have our Sunday School during which time we gather in age-appropriate classes to study God's Word and even to share with each other things that God has done for us, as well as any special needs for prayer that we may have.  The Lord has bless our church with lots of great, faithful teachers who really take seriously their tasks involved in leading/teaching a class.  So we encourage you to come be a part of Sunday School.  We feel that once you do, you will be be like so many others have been - excited and thrilled to come again and again.

     Following our Sunday School each Sunday morning, we have a short time of fellowship in the Fellowship Hall with donuts and coffee for everyone.  Several dozen folks take part in this each week.  This is a great time for you to come and meet folks you do not yet know, and to share quality time with those you do know.  This begins at about 10:30 (even though Sunday School does not end until 10:45), and this goes until time for Morning Worship Service which begins at 11:00.

     Our Worship Services are informal to a certain extent.  Yet, during this time we realize that we have gathered to worship God, to pay respect to Him and to learn from His Word.  So we certainly make sure that this is a time of reverence and praise.  We believe that God expects us to teach His Word exactly as printed, so we try very hard to do just that!!!  Since we as a church believe that God's Word is "Truth without Error", we certainly present it this way.

     In the Evening Worship Services we have a study of some particular topic found in the Bible or of some particular passage of Scripture, however I feel the Lord leading me.  Earlier, we did do a study of the Gospel of John, which was extremely interesting.  The Apostle John was so close to Jesus while He was here on earth, and since John was the one who Jesus addressed from the Cross when He told John to take His mother, Mary, and to care for her for the rest of her life, we feel that this person should be able to reveal to us many, many things that even other writers may not have known.  This proved to be a very interesting study.  Once we finished with that study, we then began taking "certain" particular chapters in the Book of Psalms, and we sought to dig deep into the meaning of these verses.  Now we are examining many of the different Parables taught by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Each of these is not only extremely interesting, but since they are taught by Jesus, the Master Teacher, they are extremely informative, as well.  And once we ended that study, we have been examining other things that we feel God wants us to study.

    On Wednesday evening we have several activities.  Beginning at about 6:00 each week there is a nice meal prepared and served to everyone who wishes to come and be a part of this activity.  There is NO charge for this meal, but those who wish to do so are welcome to make a smail   donation toward the purchase of the things that are to be served.  Otherwise, the church covers the cost for any/all such meals.  This is also a great time of Christian fellowship.  Ms. Tara, head of our Social Committee, along with Ms. Rose and a few other ladies, take care of deciding what is to be served each week, and then also preparing the food.  They are all excellent cooks, so these meals are GREAT!!!  By the folks knowing that they can come straight from work to the church, have dinner (or supper, as some call it), then they are ready to move on into the auditorium by a few minutes before 7:00 and take part in the Mid-Week service.

     Then each Wednesday evening we have Prayer Meeting & Bible Study during which time we study things from God's Word, but we devote lots of this time to "prayer" which is so needed in our lives.  In the past, Bro. Summers felt led to select a certain 'word' or 'Scripture verse' to study in depth.  This certainly was a very interesting and informative study, and we are excited about what God revealed to us through this study. Once that study was concluded, Bro. Summers has been doing an indepth study of the Book of Ephesians, and that has certainly been very informative.  Now we are studying other things found in God's Word.  We cordially invite you to come join us for this service, and you definitely will learn things that will be very helpful in your life and in your service for the Lord.

     I have not mentioned anything so far about our wonderful folk who are involved in Children's Ministry both on Sunday and Wednesday.  But these folks are AMAZING...  During each Sunday Morning Service, one of three persons (Ms. Lynn, Bro. Kenny and Ms. Rhoda) present a Children's Message which emphasizes something that they feel God wants the children to hear and learn from.  Then while the adults and teenagers are having the regular "Message of the Day" from God's Word up in the auditorium, one of our Children's Ministry team (Bro. Kenny, Ms. Illa, Ms. Julie, Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Jennifer) take the younger children downstairs for Children's Worship.  And the children who are able to participate really get a blessing by being involved with this, and they also learn lots of scripture and other lessons for them to use in life.

     So we invite you to come join with us and find out for yourself what each of these things involved.  We look forward to seeing you real soon!!!    May God continue to bless you richly!

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